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What The Bank Won’t Tell You About Buying The Right Home

Master Your Mortgage offers a behind-the-scenes account to guide you through what the bank won’t tell you.

  • Discover what a bank is really looking for in a mortgage application.
  • Know the difference between affording your mortgage and getting it approved.
  • Understand how banks look at your income.
  • Learn why refinancing and debt consolidation help the bank, not you…

This isn’t a book about real estate; it’s a book for real people looking at buying real estate. Discover the financial freedom within reach in Master Your Mortgage!


What Readers are Saying!

This book is a fantastic resource for anyone thinking about home ownership and getting a mortgage in Canada. There is a lot of information that I did not know!

Sue So much useful information!

This was the book I needed. In this interest environment, it was very important to me to know as much about the mortgage industry before I renew my mortgage.

Bob Tips and tricks to keep in mind for the most important purchase of your life

I've never felt like the bank has had my best interests in mind. However, I've also never had enough knowledge of real estate to confidently ask for what I want. This book changed that!

Kevin Real estate real talk!

I found Master your Mortgage to be engaging. The author included snipers of his life and what led him to write this book, The book is written using easy to understand terms and is full of examples to make things clear if you are still in doubt.

Lima Easy to read and understand

What the critics are saying about the book

Midwest Book

“Exceptionally well written, organized and presented, “Master Your Mortgage” is unreservedly recommended to the attention of anyone in the process of buying a home (or any property or building) that will entail the acquisition of a mortgage.”

Literary Titan

“Master Your Mortgage by Brighton Gbarazia is an ideal book for prospective home buyers and people in the mortgage industry. Brighton Gbarazia writes a comprehensive buyer’s guide for anyone interested in a mortgage and shares tips, ideas, and tricks on how to get the best deal when you invest in real estate. How do banks operate and review an application for a mortgage? What are the dos and don’ts of mortgages? Brighton Gbarazia shares his experiences as a real estate expert, guiding the readers on what to look for when shopping for a new home or investment property.”