Hi there! My name is Brighton, and I’m the founder of Wealth Marathon. I’m also the author of “Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Won’t Tell You About Buying the Right Home” and a licensed mortgage broker serving clients in British Columbia, Canada.

In my 30s, I set an ambitious goal for myself – to achieve financial independence by the time I turned 40. Although I don’t know why I chose 40, it seemed like a good age and number to aim for. Through Wealth Marathon, I share my journey towards reaching this goal while sharing insights about money I gained while working for large banks. My aim is to help others learn how to make their money work for them, rather than making the large banks richer.

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What Is Wealth Marathon?

Wealth Marathon is an online financial educational platform founded by Brighton Gbarazia, a mortgage broker and author with over ten years of financial and real estate experience. Having previously worked with some of Canada’s largest banks such as Scotiabank and CIBC, Brighton established Wealth Marathon as a place where individuals and families can learn how to save, invest, and grow their wealth without the constant pressure of buying products. At Wealth Marathon, you can access all the bank’s secrets on investing, buying real estate, or improving your credit at your own pace. All services are provided online and can be accessed from any platform, anywhere in the world. Start learning how to grow your money and avoid enriching the bank.


This is a common adage, yet many of us go through life without really asking ourselves what we are working for. While money is often the primary motivator, it’s important to consider why we work and what we are striving towards. As I approached my thirties, I found myself increasingly pondering these questions. The desire to be more purposeful with my time became stronger than ever before.

I realized how little control I had over my time, and that I was unlikely to gain control any time soon if I continued following the standard approach – go to university, get a job, buy a house, start a family (if you wish), and retire in your 60s. This path left me with little control over my time, and I felt frustrated by the lack of freedom.

What if we could design the life we want, rather than accept the one that society tells us we should have? Most of us simply accept this path because it’s what everyone else is doing, without questioning its validity. We work jobs because they provide an income, not necessarily because we are passionate about what we do. However, most of us spend little time learning about how money works, which means we end up spending most of our lives working for money, rather than creating systems that allow our money to work for us and enable us to live our lives to the fullest.


The only thing that matters in life is time.

Yes, we have to work, and we need money, but the reality is that time is the only truly valuable resource in life. Time cannot be renewed or increased; you can only control how you spend it and who you spend it with.

But since most of us spend our time chasing assets because we believe that’s what creates wealth, we end up failing to understand knowledge is what creates wealth not assets.

People may argue about how humans came to exist or what happens after we die, but one thing we can be sure of is that economic systems are created by humans. Humans are emotional beings and can develop biases.

Early on, I learned that someone who knows more about money will be richer than someone who knows little. Knowledge is a crucial factor in success, yet most of us do not invest time in learning about money.

Learning is not the same as being entertained. Nowadays, people are more entertained than they are educated about money. It is vital to create time and space to understand how money works, the behaviors the system wants, and which ones it punishes.

Money is an incentive-based system, and you need to think about how humans created the system and what their goals were. You must understand the behaviors that the system wants and those that it punishes.

In other words, money systems are like algorithm systems before the term AI was coined. This is how humans have dealt with money since its inception.

If you want to get ahead, educating yourself about how money works is the best way because trying to work your way to success will likely leave you with high mortgage or rent payments with no control over how you spend your time.

A client once told me that true wealth is not based on assets. The definition of wealth is whether you control how you spend your time. Those who control how they spend their days are wealthy, while those who are asset-rich are often poverty-stricken.

That’s why I focus on educating you about how money works instead of telling you that opening the right account or buying the right investment will make you rich. It may make someone rich, but it won’t be you.

Master Your Mortgage


That’s my personal motto, and I feel it’s important to emphasize that I am not someone who believes in overnight success or get-rich-quick schemes. Wealth that is earned quickly can be lost just as quickly, which is why it’s crucial to approach building wealth with a marathon mindset. Building your wealth gradually and steadily is the best way to ensure that it can withstand the test of time. However, it’s also important to avoid thinking that success will come without any effort or hard work. While it may seem easy in movies, luck is not a reliable strategy. Instead, you should focus on playing the long game, being patient, and working hard, and success will surely follow.


Let’s get something straight. Everyone has experience with money, so anyone can talk about it. However, providing advice on managing finances and helping others with their money issues requires additional skills and knowledge. If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to join the community. To provide some additional assurance, I’d like to share my educational and financial experience. I’ve worked for some of Canada’s largest banks, such as Scotiabank and CIBC, and I’m a licensed mortgage broker. During my decade-long career in the financial and real estate industry, I’ve held various roles, including Financial Advisor, Credit Analyst, and Underwriter. In addition, I hold the following degrees and certifications:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Kwantlen Polytechnic University,
  • Wealth Management Certificate,
  • and Canadian Securities Course .

My experience blends both education and practical experience, so I can share knowledge without any sales pitch.


Sometimes, having the right coach or mentor can make all the difference in achieving your goals. That’s why I offer a coaching program where I can provide you with guidance to help you reach your desired financial goal.

As someone with a long career in the financial industry, I have gained a wealth of knowledge. However, what sets me apart is that I don’t just rely on textbook knowledge. I merge it with my real-life experiences to provide you with practical advice. I believe that the best advice comes from someone who has gone through the same process and achieved the same goal as you are seeking.

My coaching program is designed to help you reach your financial goals by focusing on your skill set, income level, and work effort. We will meet monthly for a year, and our discussions will revolve around how you can best achieve your goals. I will remove all product pitches and instead offer you honest and practical advice.

By removing the products, I can do a deep dive into your financial independence plan and provide you with a straightforward assessment. I will share my knowledge and experience, which has worked for me, and I believe it will help you transform your financial and personal life. My goal is to help you reach financial independence by focusing on you and your goals.