CEO, Founder

Brighton Gbarazia

Brighton is a finance expert, financial coach and author of Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Won’t Tell You About Buying the Right Home.

About Us

About Wealth Marathon

At Wealth Marathon, our sole purpose is to guide career professionals and young families into a future of financial abundance, stability, and security.  We do this by providing exceptional financial coaching and educational services that lead you straight to your goals.  After all, your success is ours, too.

By maintaining simplicity in our approach, we’re able to provide you with realistic solutions for real estate and wealth accumulation.  Expect honesty, transparency, integrity, and well-informed solutions.  Our services are individually tailored to your current status and needs, no matter where you might be in your financial or home-buying journey.  We take the time to understand who you are, what you’re dealing with, where you want to be, and what you’re realistically capable of doing to get there.  You’re not purchasing some new-fangled product here.  You’re learning how to transform your life!

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Our ‘Wealth is a Mindset’ Approach

We firmly believe that wealth is a mindset – and that’s exactly the approach we take with our clients.  If wealth creation is viewed as a journey, you begin to understand the importance of long-term planning and ongoing progress.  Your mental attitude must embrace this commitment and hard work, seeing it as a critical component in materializing your aspirations.

Approaching Your Strategy

Approaching your strategy like a runner approaches a marathon will be a boon for your success.  With our financial coach, you’ll learn how to properly train, prepare, visualize, plan, and pace yourself to preserve sustainability.  Once you accept that wealth is a mindset, the sky is the limit.

Paying It Forward

No one reaches success all by themselves.  It requires a network of people willing to step up and support your mission.  Even our company was made possible in this way.  That’s why we donate 10% of our revenue to essential financial literacy and mental wellness programs.  We are so grateful to every member of the Wealth Marathon family, from our cherished clients to the kind souls that helped shape our brand.  Your support means everything to us, and we feel blessed to be able to pay it forward!